Q Nano Protective Agent


Q Nano Protective Agent

  • Q Nano Protection


  • Product Info

    Q Nano Protector: It is used to seal and protect the polished paint surface to provide perfect long-term protection with super water repellency and extreme deep brightness.

    Provides protection after polish, excellent water repellency and perfect long-lasting protection.

  • Direction for use

    Shake well before use and degrease the paint. Please use a clean, soft cloth to wipe a thin layer of Q Nano Protector onto the dry paint surface in a circular motion. Then let the Q Nano Protector dry, and then polish it with a soft microfiber cloth.

    Shake well before use and start degreasing

    Use clean and soft cloth to apply on the dry surface in round motion

    Let the product dry and use soft microfiber to wipe it shine.