Fast water-based abrasive


Fast water-based abrasive

  • Flying Precision Waterbased Compound


  • Product Info

    It is specially designed for special baking paint, especially when it will produce sticky paint surface when sanding, it is easy to extend and the operation is smooth without sticking paint; it quickly removes paint surface defects and sandpaper marks (P1200-P2000) to show deep and bright brightness.

    Designed for special car paint especially for the surface will get sticky during application. Easy to apply without stickiness. Quickly remove heavy swirl marks and sanding scratches (P1200-P2000) on paintwork, leaves a superior gloss.

  • Recommend to use Recommendation

    Standard polishing machine, with polishing disc or wool pad
    Usage: Shake well before use. Pour a small amount of fast abrasive on the paint surface and wipe it off. First use low speed and medium pressure. Then increase the amount of abrasive as needed, and then increase the pressure until all scratches and sandpaper marks are removed. Finally, the speed is increased and the pressure is reduced to complete the polishing process. Finally, use a slightly damp and soft microfiber cloth to remove residual oil shadows.

    Standard polishing machine, use with polishing or wool pad.

    Direction: Shake well before use. Use little amount of compound on the paint work and spread with low speed and medium pressure.

    Then increase the amount and the pressure until the scratches and swirl marks are removed.

    Next, increase the speed and decrease the pressure to complete the polishing process.

    At last, remove residue with a slightly wet soft microfiber cloth.