Flying Precision Finish


Flying Precision Finish

  • Product Info

    Size: 500ML

    Made in Germany

  • Product Info

    Designed to easily remove swirl marks and holograms left by machine compounding. can remove compound marks, insure high gloss. Also, give a deep color appearance and a high gloss finish with an exceptional mirror shine (well seen on dark colors).

    Suitable for all paints, including hard and scratch resistant clear coats (i.e. ceramic-coat), works on fresh or cured automotive paint surfaces.

    Used for removal of sanding scratches 2500-3000. Silicone free, no filler.

  • Directions for use

    To be used on standard high hardness paint surfaces, as well as scratch-resistant or old, hard paintworks. Apply a small amount of Finish to the car surface using a finishing pad. If the pad is new, please spread a small of amount of the product evenly across the pad beforehand.

    Place machine and pad onto surface, move pad over surface to spread product then, start up rotary polisher with light to medium pressure.

    Work half a square meter a time until the sanding scratches are removed or high gloss achieved. Remove residue with a soft microfiber cloth. Re-apply finish when moving to a new area.

  • Caution

    Repeated exposure may cause skin dryness or cracking. Place the product out of reach of children. Wear protective gloves / goggles. Do not contact eyes, skin or clothing.