Interior Dressing


Interior Dressing

  • Specification

    Size: 1GL

    Made in USA

  • Product Info

    The formulation penetrates and treats rubber, vinyl, leather and plastic surfaces, leaving a beautiful shine and a rich, natural appearance. Its light, pleasant scent freshens up the interior. Interior Dressing helps protect against the harmful effects of smog, ozone, ultraviolet rays and chemical contaminants that can cause cracking, drying and discoloring.

  • Directions for use

    Shake well before using. Care should be taken to protect painted plastic panels when applying any tire dressing, as product "sling" can stain panels. Never apply product to steering wheels, accelerator pedals, brake pedals and clutch pedals. Surface should be clean and dry.

  • Caution

    May cause eye or skin irritation.

    If contact occurs, flush area carefully and thoroughly with water for at least fifteen minutes.

    Remove contaminated clothing and footwear.

    If irritation persists, consult a physician. Harmful if swallowed.

    If ingested, contact a local Poison Control Center or physician immediately.