Glass Cream


Glass Cream

  • Specification

    Size: 500ML

    Made in UK

  • Product Info

    Removes traffic film, insects, nicotine, grease, general soiling & dust from all glass surfaces.

    Also highly effective as a metal polish.

    Removes scale & staining from glass.

    Remove all residues and grease from glasses and improve its clearness and rightness.

  • Directions for use

    Clean the glass thoroughly and dry before application.

    Put suitable amount of Glass Polish on the surface and apply in circular motion with high-density foam, back and forth until a thin film appear.

    Rinse with plenty of water and wipe with clean cloth.

  • Caution

    Please store it at room temperature and in a place where it cannot be exposed to sunlight.

    Please place it out of reach of children.

    When using, please wear gloves to avoid direct skin contact.