Gloss & Water Repellent Coating


Gloss & Water Repellent Coating

  • Specification

    Size: 500ML

    Made in Japan

  • Product Info

    A tough coating contains three dimensional glass like resin polymers that provides great water repellency and long lasting protection for the car-body to prevent contaminants attached to the car surface while revealing a transparent sheen.

  • Instructions for use

    1. Clean the car surface thoroughly, remove all the dust and dirt
    2. Shake the product before use
    3. Wet the microfiber cloth and wring it out
    4. Spray the product on the cloth from step 3 and wipe it evenly on the surface and use another clean cloth to wipe it while the car surface still wet
  • Caution

    This is a flammable product.

    Store in a cool place, protect from sunlight.

    The product contains fragrance; keep out of reach of children.