Exhibition Polish


Exhibition Polish

  • Specification


    Made in UK

  • Product Info

    Contains high amount of concentrated Brazilian Carnauba wax, nourishing leather, shiny like a mirror. Isolation of UV , high temperature resistance, anti-static, excellent water-repellent, providing perfect waxing effect for new and old paint surfaces.

  • Instructions for use

    Wash and dry the car paint when using, and shake the wax. Use a clean, soft waxing sponge to wipe in a circular motion, naturally dry until the paint surface is misty, and wipe off the residual wax with a dry and clean non-woven fabric. In the late stage of waxing, you can use Nielsen Gloss Shampoo to wash the car to maintain a long-lasting shining effect. Keep out of reach of children. Frequent use may cause dry skin.