Nano Protection Stage 1


Nano Protection Stage 1

  • Specification

    Size: 500ML/100ML

    Made in UK

  • Product Info

    ●Provides an exhibition quality shine & finish

    ●Paint protective

    ●Easy to apply

    ●High durability and weather protection


    It is developed based on advanced optical brightness theory. It creates a silky smooth, high gloss coating on paint surfaces to keep your vehicle clean and protected under any circumstances. Its formulation utilizes the most innovative nano bonding technology so it lasts longer, repels water and dirt better.

  • Directions for use

    Please wash and dry the paintwork before use.

    Spread the product in circle evenly and allow it to dry to the haze.

    Finally, use a clean microfiber to polish.

  • Caution

    This is a flammable product.

    Store in a cool place, protect from sunlight.

    The product contains fragrance; keep out of reach of children.