Coating & Wax Maintainer


Coating & Wax Maintainer

  • Specification

    Size: 500ML/100ML

    Made in Germany

  • Product Info

    An innovative product that does not contain solvents, can quickly and significantly improve the color and brightness. It is suitable for coated cars, matting paints, and waxed car paint surfaces.

    Restore the original luster and water repellency

  • Directions for use

    Washing the car with car shampoo .

    Dry the car surface and spray Coating & Wax Maintainer on the car evenly. Then use a soft microfiber cloth to dry the surface.

  • Caution

    Please apply according to the instructions.

    May cause eye or skin irritation.

    Store in a cool place, protect from sunlight.

    Keep out of reach of children, avoid eating.